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Dr. Milton Magness | Sex Addiction Expert and Founder, Hope & Freedom
Dr. Milton Magness
Founder, Hope & Freedom
Over the past several years I have had many requests from clinicians who would like to be trained in my treatment model and have historically gotten more requests for Intensives than I can accept. In fact, I accept less than half of the couples who apply for my treatment program. In addition, numerous potential clients contact me each year asking if I have therapists in their area who are trained in my treatment model so they do not have to travel to our locations in Houston or the Canadian Rockies.

To date, my schedule has been so full that I have not wanted to slow down to accommodate such training. I have also been reluctant because I am conscious of the value of the Hope & Freedom brand and I did not want my process to be diluted by a therapist not properly trained in all aspects. That all changes now!  View my videos below to learn more about my methodology and when you're ready, contact me to for more details or submit an online application to become one of a few select Certified Hope & Freedom Practitioners (CHFPs) specializing in the Hope & Freedom Intensive model for sex addicts and their partners.

learn more about my methodology

A Conversation with Dr. Milton Magness Video | Sex Addiction Expert and Founder, Hope & Freedom
a conversation with
Dr. Milton S. Magness
In this interview, I discuss sexual addiction treatment, attending to the partner's trauma and restoring trust in the relationship.  My work has led to innovative treatment used in my Three-Day Intensives for Couples.
What Are Three-Day Intensives? Video | Dr. Milton Magness, Sex Addiction Expert and Founder, Hope & Freedom
what are three-day intensives?

In this video, I discuss the nature of the Three-Day Intensive and offer the opportunity through this treatment for restoration of a marriage or relationship badly damaged by problematic sex addiction.
Why Three Day [Sex Addiction] Intensives? Video | Dr. Milton Magness, Founder of Hope & Freedom
why three-day intensives?

In this video I answer the salient question: Can relationships rocked by sex addiction actually survive? Three-Day Intensives provide a tough but effective treatment protocol critical to helping restore relationships damaged by sex addiction.
Three-Day Intensives for Couples Video | Dr. Milton Magness, Sex Addiction Expert and Founder, Hope & Freedom
three-day intensives for couples
questions answered
In this video, I answer the following:  What is a Three-Day Intensive? Is this the right treatment process?  What about Intensives and the focus leading couples in a process that can ultimately lead to restoration of trust in the relationship.
Sex Addiction Intensives for Single Men Video | Dr. Milton Magness, Founder of Hope & Freedom
intensives for single men:
establishing recovery foundations
Understanding the origins of addiction, establishing a foundation for continuing recovery, learning basic tools for remaining free from compulsive behavior, preventing relapse and developing a Personal Recovery Plan.
Polygraph Used with Disclosure Video | Dr. Milton Magness, Sex Addiction Intensives
polygraph used with disclosures:
a tool for establishing trust
How can a partner know that the disclosure they receive is complete and truthful? In this video, I discuss how polygraph can be effectively used as part of the overall treatment process for sexual addiction recovery.
Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts Video | Dr. Milton Magness, Hope & Freedom Founder and Intensives Provider
recovery for partners of sex addicts:  important aspects of healing
Partners are provided direction in their relationship with a sexual addict.  It's important that partners are able to find the help they need, to realize they have been wounded and that those wounds will not heal properly without support.
Help! I'm in Love with a Sex Addict Video | Dr. Milton Magness, Founder of Hope & Freedom
help!  I'm in love with a sex addict:
it's NOT your fault
There are no “sure signs” of a cheating spouse. Diagnosis of sex addiction should be left to a health care professional. However, partners or spouses often observe unusual leading them to believe their partner is hiding something.
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